Eclipse parasol w/pulley, dia. 350 cm, aluminium (58350Y)


Eclipse parasol w/pulley, dia. 350 cm, aluminium (58350Y)

Type: Accessories
SKU: 58350Y504-2245

Eclipse is a range of parasols designed by Cane-line design team. With Eclipse at hand, you can enjoy your outdoor space even in scorching sun. Eclipse can provide many cozy hours outdoors, where you can dazzle in the shade with your loved ones. Eclipse can be an addition for both elegant outdoor dining sets, or to complete your cozy outdoor oasis of lounge furniture. The Eclipse parasols consist of an elegant and minimalist framework made of aluminium, with a pulley-system. The fabric of the parasol is the durable 100% Olefin 200gr/m2 or Solution dyed 280gr/m2, which ensures a weather resistant parasol wool, which is also resistant to UV rays. Altogether, it provides a durable and minimalistic parasol with a long life. Eclipse provides a vibe of exclusivity and summerly atmosphere, and with a matching garden furniture set, Sunshade can lift your terrace to a new level.

Height: 265 cm | 104.4 inches *

Diameter: 350 cm | 137.8 inches *

Weight: 12 kg | 26.5 lbs *

* Measurements & weight displayed do not include any selected add-on