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    The Turn dining table from Cane-line is designed by the Danish design duo Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen MDD. The dining table is very light in its construction, and has a modern and playfull expression. The tabletop has a core of birchwood veneer (Multiplex). It is laminated on both sides: Grey-brown on one side and white on the other side. The Turn Dining table is placed over free-standing bases, and the table top can be turned around for either a white top or a grey-brown top. In this way, Turn is a flexible and innovative piece of furniture that can match the other decor, and change the expression according to the mood. The base consists of two 3-leged table stands, which provides a fun and dynamic profile. The Turn table is a contemporary table, which can match most interior and can be used both as a dining table, a workdesk and much more. The laminated tabletop, ensures a table that is very durable, is resistant to knock and scratches and needs a minimum of maintance and cleaning. A table that is perfect for everyday wear and tear.

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