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    Conical, tapering aluminium table legs bear the wide, soft and rounded teak lamellae. The composition of materials gives the Core group a warm and light look while retaining a sense of solidity. The frame is made of specially designed profiles that ensure a strong construction and an elegant finish. Teak is an oil-rich wood which is ideal for outdoor use. The wood acquires a natural silver-grey patina with time. However, it can also retain its natural glow through the application of teak oil.

    Core chair upholstered with Cane-line SoftTouch®. The Core chairs are made from weather-resistant Cane-line SoftTouch® with Quick Dry system. The upholstered chairs are the epitome of comfort, while details on the armrests reveal their designer pedigree. The chair is stackable and has been specifically designed for the Core table, but alternative chairs can certainly supplement the stylish table.