Lounge furniture in the rain

Lounge furniture in the rain

Lounge furniture in the rain

QuickDry & Airflow system 

Cane-line has developed the QuickDry & Airflow system, which ensures that cushions with the unique QuickDryFoam® dries much faster than normal cold foam cushions. QuickDry foam ensures no developing of mould inside the cushion due to constant air circulation. 

You can easily leave your outdoor furniture and cushions out even if it rains or the humidity is high. Within one hour after a rain shower, the cushions will already be dry, and you can sit comfortably in your lounge furniture again.

Cushions with QuickDryFoam® are designed to let the rainwater run through, rather than draw the water into it, as normal cushions do. This reduces the drying time significantly, and you can quickly enjoy your outdoor furniture again, even if they are exposed to a little rain shower. 

The QuickDry & Airflow system helps shorten the drying time of the cushions; the system also prevents the risk of mould inside the foam if it gets wet. The constant air circulation from the Airflow system causes the air to circulate within the cushion and helps to keep the humidity down. This is a good advantage in countries with high humidity.

After a rain shower, we recommend placing the cushions in a vertical position so that the water can drain faster. Enjoy the Spring and wonderful Summer times with Cane-line outdoor furniture with cushions with QuickDry & Airflow system. 

Examples of products with QuickDry & Airflow system: Space sofa, Conic 2-seater right AirTouch, Connect 2-seater sofa right, Diamond 2-seater. sofa Tex & Cane-line Natté, Foam single module