Create a personal lounge area with colourful accessories

Create a personal lounge area with colourful accessories

Create a personal lounge area with colourful accessories

Need some inspiration on how to get more colour in your everyday life? We have some great tips on how to freshen up your lounge area easily, making it ready for spring and summer time.

The colours that are currently trending the most are burnt colours in red and yellow shades. Especially, the yellow colour is here to stay. When it comes to choosing a colour for your outdoor space, you can choose complementary colours or matching colours from the same colour palette.

We have selected four colours that we absolutely love, which can be used alone or in combination with each other. In these colours we find great inspiration, when we develop and design new outdoor furniture.

Outdoor furniture from Cane-line

The first colour to highlight is the fine burnt yellow colour. It shines with optimism and creates a warm atmosphere. Start by adding nice yellow / golden cushions to your lounge sofa, lounge chair or bench. It will make a tremendously difference to the overall look of your decor.

If you want to go all in on the great yellow look, the terrace can be decorated with yellow outdoor furniture, such as a bright yellow side table, for example our On-the-move side table.

In addition to the burnt yellow tones, natural colours and natural materials have had a big comeback in home decor. In order to stay in the golden colour universe, we suggest that the terrace is decorated with furniture in the colours beige or sand, or with elements of wood. Our beautiful Peacock lounge chair in Cane-line Weave (natural), or a Level coffee table with teak countertops are good examples of using natural colours and natural materials.

Outdoor furniture items

Another colour that has also become very modern lately, which we love to use in our decor is the beautiful dusty rose. The beautiful pink colour emits good energy, as well as it creates lightness and gives a gentle feminine touch to your outdoor space.

The pink colour comes in several shades, such as light pink, powder colored and dusty rose. The colours are good as a contrast to the dark colours, or rough materials such as weave or wood. Apply your lounge area with a feminine touch of gorgeous scatter cushions in dusty rose and planters with fresh plants and flowers. Decorate with a nice pink side table, along with a nice lounge chair in the pink shades, for example our Cane-line's Vibe lounge chair.

Outdoor furniture bordeaux colour

Staying in the same end of the colour palette, you also find the very fine bordeaux colour, that has had a bit of a comeback in the recent years. The warm reddish shades have really emerged when talking about interior and exterior spaces. The colour creates a warm and cozy atmosphere and at the same time gives a sense of exclusivity.

The bordeaux shades look beautiful together with dark furniture but can also stand as a nice contrast to the light furniture and colours. Create a cozy terrace with a nice bordeaux colour.

Blue Scandinavian outdoor furniture

Finally, we suggest the classic and beautiful blue colour. A timeless, energetic and pure colour. Decorate your lounge area with cool blue accessories, such as a blue pouf, a side table, scatter cushions or a blue plant basket, and get a nice blue look. Create the perfect timeless look for your patio.

We have good experience with breaking the stylish look by adding elements of colour. That way you can create a more personal and welcoming lounge area. Mix our colour ideas or just pick your favorite one. The sky is the limit.

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