A letter from our CEO Brian Djernes

A letter from our CEO Brian Djernes

A letter from our CEO Brian Djernes

Our daily lives are filled with the words climate change, sustainability and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The intensified focus on these areas has raised customer expectations of and demands on the companies they choose to do business with. This has also impacted us.

Yet although it may sound new and trendy, it is neither new nor trendy to Cane-line – or to me. I have always felt responsible for the way we choose to do business, which is why sustainability is naturally incorporated into every phase of our production process.

I am proud of our ISO14001 and SMETA certifications, which help us improve in areas of high priority to me personally: social responsibility and the environment. Although we all have our flaws and no one is perfect, having the right environmental policy helps us set targets and establish a framework for where and how we can improve.

To me, choosing eco-friendly materials and recycled materials is not enough. In my view, using materials that will produce the right products that last season after season is crucial. At Cane-line, we strive to produce furniture that lasts for many seasons in terms of both design and the materials we choose. This is good for the environment.

I hope you want to learn more about our CSR policy, our approach to UN Sustainable Development Goals and our initiatives. We want to show how to run a sensible business focused on social responsibility and respect for the environment. And hopefully you will also learn more about how choosing the right materials and new technologies can help create better furniture that lasts longer. To see more, visit our blog site

I hope you enjoy your reading!

Brian Djernes